Euro 2016: Icelandic commentary goes viral after island´s historic win

    It's an assault on the aural senses as a voice, breaking and screeching with joy, bears witness to a moment of history for a small island nation.

    Gudmundur Benediktssor is the commentator and his cacophonous stream of consciousness in describing how Iceland secured a remarkable 2-1 win over Austria thanks to Arnor Ingvi Traustason's last-minute goal has been heard millions of times around the world.
    The win was Iceland's first at a major tournament and ensured its progression to the knockout stages of Euro 2016.
    A former international player himself, Gudmundur Benediktsson's narration is full of unbridled joy and at one point the 41-year old commentator, who is also KR Reykjavík's assistant manager, says: "Never, ever have I felt so good."
    It's a commentary that brought back memories of Bjørge Lillelien's famous "Maggie Thatcher, your boys took a hell of a beating!" rant, after watching his Norwegian compatriots secure a famous 2-1 win over England in 1981.
    If your Icelandic isn't quite up to scratch, The Reykjavik Grapevine, has kindly translated Benediktsson's not so mellifluous meltdown in full:

    "It's all open! Theodór Elmar is alone here on their side of the pitch. They are three on two! Emmi (short for Elmar)! Go into the box! Go into the box! EMMI!
    Ahhh... Yes... Yes... Yes... YES... YES... Jarghaah... we are winning this! We are through to the final 16! We are through to the final 16! We are winning Austria!
    The voice has gone! But that doesn´t matter! We have qualified! Arnór Yngvi Traustason scores! Iceland two Austria one! Þvílíkt og annað eins*! Þvílíkt og annað eins!
    What? The final whistle has been blown here, and never, ever have I felt so good! Arnór Yngvi Traustason securing our first victory! Never lost!
    Don't forget... never lost! But the first victory a fact! Iceland two Austria one! Thanks for coming Austria! Thanks for coming!"


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